Arancini Leftover Risotto

Got some risotto? Here’s another Leftover Makeover to the rescue. Make these ultra cheesy flavour bombs known as arancini. 


With all the ingredients available at our Econo Foods stores, either in-store or online


  1. Shape the risotto into balls slightly bigger than a golf ball and flatten them into discs.

  2. Cut 1cm x 1cm cubes, 1 for each risotto disc you have.

  3. Place the mozzarella in the centre of the disc and roll it into a ball to make sure that the cheese is fully covered and set aside.

  4. Beat the egg in a bowl.

  5. Lightly season flour with slat and pepper and place in a shallow dish. 

  6. Put the breadcrumbs in a shallow bowl.

  7. Coat the balls in flour, then egg and lastly breadcrumbs.

  8. Fry the balls in Hot oil for3-4mins or until golden and crispy.

  9. Serve with pasta sauce or tomato sauce and enjoy!


  • Leftover risotto

  • Foodland Mozzarella cheese

  • 1 Large Foodland egg

  • 1/2 Cup flour 

  • 1/ Cup bread crumbs

  • Salt & pepper

  • Oil for frying 


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